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My name Greg Goodson, and I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I graduated from Georgia Tech in December 2006 with a degree in Business Management with certificates in Marketing and Operations Management. After working at a company called 360i – a digital online agency with a strong emphasis in search engine marketing (SEM, SEO, Social Media, etc.) for a year and a half, I packed up and relocated to Park City, UT to pursue a job in the marketing department at Backcountry.com, specifically with the search engine marketing team. After 24 months of working in the shadows of the beautiful Wasatch mountains, I decided to relocate back to Atlanta in April of 2010 to focus on some independent projects as well as focus more on my internet marketing consulting gig at Sawtooth Media. I am also the co-founder of a startup called Rafflecopter.com.

When I am not working, I keep up with many different hobbies. My first hobby is running; I have over 25 ultra-marathons (any footrace that is over 26.2 miles marathon distance – usually 50K, 50M, 100K, and 100M runs) under my belt, as well as 5+ marathons (3:08 personal best), and numerous shorter distance races. I also play a mean bluegrass guitar. I follow my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets religiously (both football and basketball).

I consider myself an outdoorsy kinda guy – hiking, backpacking, trail-running, camping, etc. Just about all of my vacation days from 2007 to present were used to visit locations in Virginia, NC, TN, and WV – running races, backpacking, skiing, etc. The most memorable adventure was a 10 day trip out to Montana’s Glacier National Park in August/September of 2007.

If I am not outside doing something, which I usually am, I am inside, browsing the internet, either networking in some fashion, or trying find opportunities to work for myself.  I enjoy blogging, but I bought GregGoodson.com and GregoryGoodson.com with the intention to develop it before another Greg Goodson out there decided to. I am happy I made this move!

I plan on using this blog to share pictures, videos, and my latest adventures with family and friends, as well as network with other professionals in my field. I am ranked 1st in Google for the term “Greg Goodson”. Sadly, this is a big deal to me. I am always on the lookout for more inbound links.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail or tweet if you’d like to get to know more/catch up!

Disclaimer: Please note, the views expressed on GregGoodson.com are those of my own and in no way represent the views or policies of the company I’m currently working for or any other affiliated company or agency, unless otherwise stated.

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