Woman Sues Google for bad Google Maps Walking Directions

May 31st, 2010 by Greg Goodson Leave a reply »
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So a woman got directions on Google Maps from her Blackberry telling her the best walking route in Park City from a residential home to a hotel. She took the directions (about 2 miles from start to finish), and along her way, she was struck by oncoming traffic. She is suing both the driver of the car and Google. Here’s a good link to an article: http://searchengineland.com/woman-follows-google-maps-walking-directions-gets-hit-sues-43212

I’ve run down this road a few times when I lived in Park City… probably not the most pedestrian friendly road, but I probably wouldn’t go down this road walking from A to B in her case because a) there is free public transportation in Park City and b) while those pictures posted in the article above are nice, there are massive snowbanks on the side of the road in January in Park City… you can bet that dirt path wasn’t there when she got struck.

If she was from Park City, she should have known better (I’ve read other news reports that she is a resident there).

This reminds me of The Office episode where Michael drives his rental car into the lake because the GPS said for him to turn right (also the episode where the employees receive blackberries).

I guess I’ll make it a Memorial Day adventure (happy Memorial Day by the way!) to find “dangerous” directions on Google Maps in the city of Atlanta. If I am lucky, I’ll get hit and then try to sue Google.

Not really sure who is at fault, but I thought this article was funny.


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