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In searching through my Google Analytics account for where traffic to my blog is coming from, I stumbled upon a referring site where I interviewed with the folks at Bizrate to kick off their blog back in July 2009. I forgot that this discussion was going to be published on their blog, but I figure I’d link back to their site to return the favor. Our discussion was based around how Bizrate ratings not only give customers a chance to voice their opinions about your store, but how the ratings can affect your Google Product Search rankings.

I remember when we talked to the folks at Bizrate about this, we were in the middle of a Google Product Search algorithm crisis, where GPS overhauled how retailer’s products were listed on GPS literally overnight (they also changed the position of the onebox on the search engine results page… that meant for bad times for retailers who relied too much on Google Product Search). Most of what we discussed still applied today. You can check out the short and sweet interview post here:

Now go watch the super bowl!


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