Charles from Binder and Binder & His Cowboy Hat Commercial: What’s the Deal?

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Before you read further, watch this Binder and Binder commercial (it’s only 25 seconds long):

Maybe you’ve seen these commercials and have wondered the same thing…there is no way I can be the only one that feels a little bit turned off by the cowboy hat. Did he just get back from the ranch? So… what’s the deal with Charles Binder’s cowboy hat dude?

I have the answers… props to my mother who e-mailed Binder and Binder asking these questions. And ‘hats off’ (har har) to the folks at Binder and Binder and their communications department for responding to the request.

Hi Barbara,

I’m the guy responsible for the Binder and Binder commercials. I understand how you feel about Charles’ semi-disreputable hat. The reason he’s wearing it is simple. It was chilly on the day the commercial was recorded. It’s his hat, and he always wears his hat on a chilly day.

His line? We’ll deal with the government, you have enough to worry about,’ was the result of a question I asked him. I said, ‘If I were a client, what would you tell me was the most important thing that Binder and Binder would do for me.’

That line came from the heart. It wasn’t written for him. I think that comes through on the commercial. So we kept both the line, and the hat.

Some people say they don’t want to be represented by a guy who wears a hat. I think it’s what’s under the hat that counts. Nobody wins as many Social Security Disability cases as Binder and Binder. Nobody.

I think that leaves people with a choice: Hire the guy who wears a dorky hat, but gives you the best chance of winning your case, or go with a guy who doesn’t have that kind of track record but doesn’t wear a hat on a chilly day.

I appreciate the time and effort you took to let me know how you feel about our commercials, and I’d like to send you one of our nifty Binder sport shirts as a ‘thank you’ gift. So could you please just return this note with your shirt size and an address so I can send it to you.


Dick Summer
Communications Director

This is such an epic response. To break it down, he is wearing the hat because it was cold. I guess they were filming this outside… after all the Empire State building is in the background. It is Charles Binder’s hat, and he always wears it on a cold day. Don’t ask him to take it off because chances are he won’t (especially on a cold day).

The line that Charles says is “We’ll deal with the government, you have enough to worry about’. Fair enough… I probably would choose to say something else, but this isn’t bad. And if you couldn’t tell, that line came from his heart. There’s no doubt that he completely meant that. You can tell by his tone, his expression, and his hat.

It is true, some people don’t want to be represented by a man in a hat. Does this mean Charles Binder wears his hat to his meetings with the government? Is it common etiquette to take your hat off in a government building? Maybe when he deals with the government, they do it in a neutral location. Or maybe on his ranch. Regardless, it’s definitely what’s under the hat that counts. Are you kidding me? Seems like a fourth grader response (I feel obligated to mention that Charles Binder is bald).

Before being offered a ‘nifty’ Binder shirt, we are given an ultimatum: chose the guy with the hat, or chose the guy who doesn’t wear a hat on a chilly day. I’ll have to think about this one for a bit.

So what’s the deal with this?

I don’t know who is to blame for a botched commercial and a crappy PR response to a question. Should we point and laugh at Binder and Binder or our good friend Dick Summer who appears to be the communications director for Charles Binder and his cowboy hat. Maybe a bit of both.

Google ‘Binder and Binder’. As you type in the search query, look at the suggested queries that Google recommends:

What this means is in general, when people search for Binder and Binder online, folks are trying to find information about scams and complaints based around Binder and Binder, as well as the commercials with his hat. It looks like the commercial is creating quite the stir… about Charles Binder’s hat.

Watch the commercial again. Remember the guy that went all the way to Alaska? Well, it turns out that the picture of the advocate who went to Alaska is a picture of our very own Dick Summer, Communications Director. It wasn’t very hard to find the image on the internet that they used in the commercial. Seriously?

Looking at Binder and Binder’s and Dick Summer‘s website, it doesn’t seem like they’re too web savvy (in case you can’t read, there is an audio introduction to each of Dick Summer’s pages on his site). And judging by what we’ve found, it doesn’t seem like they’re great at producing commercials, either. I guess their target market consists of people who watch the ‘Price is Right’ or late night re-runs of your favorite 70s sitcoms, and people who don’t know what the internet is… it’s easy to find the warning signs of Binder and Binder by several web searches.

How can anyone take this company seriously? No wonder folks are getting scammed by them. I got nothin’ else. I really hope that we get some ‘nifty’ shirts out of this, though! Charles Binder, give me a MacBook and a few hours of your time, and I’ll be happy to create your next commercials. Only next time, we’ll have you wear a cape… after all, we all enjoy lawyers wearing capes. Both Dick Summer and Charles Binder are just a few french fries short of a happy meal.

And don’t forget to join the Charles Binder’s Hat facebook group!



  1. HAHAHA. This is GREAT. And not that they need any more of their weak links pointed out… but the whole “windy cold day” in NYC with the empire state building in the background… yeah that whole sentence would be a little more convincing if they filmed outside. Given he echo, it was clearly inside with a crappy backdrop

  2. Zoe Kharpertian says:

    Beautiful, Greg. Really enjoyed this–keep up the good work! Sooner or later the 21st century will come to us all. GRIN.

  3. Alexander S says:

    This is amazing. I laughed so hard hahaha.

  4. Greg Goodson says:

    Thanks 🙂 Glad it gave you a good laugh.

  5. Tara says:

    Umm… i work for Charles and see him at least once a week. He and hs brother wear their cowboy hats everyday. I thnk its a cute trademark. Wood u rather them wear NY fitted baseball caps? Wats the big deal? They are original

  6. Tara says:

    Ummm.. I work for Charles and see him at least once a week. He and his brother love the cowboy hats and wear them everyday to the office. Wood u rather they wore NY fitted baseball caps? I thnk its a cute traademark as they are orginal. Soooo… Wats the big deal?

  7. Greg Goodson says:

    Tara, here’s the thing. I like to wear pajama pants. They are soft, comfortable, and warm. However, it’s not socially acceptable to walk around in them.

    Same reason with Mr. Binder and his little hat… it’s a commercial for a social security insurance business, not a western ranch with 112 acres and a herd of cattle. It’s poor taste. Leave the cowboy hat at home.

    Then again, this could just as well be a marketing ploy to get Binder and Binder clients… just as the snuggie product aired ridiculous, comical commercials to attract attention. If this is the case, touche. However, after talking to Dick Summer, he’s too much of an idiot to plot this sort of plan.

    If you see Charles once a week, why don’t you ask him why he prefers to look like a moron on TV. Sorry, it’s the truth.

  8. John Parrot says:

    Outstanding, this was hilarious! I love the cape idea. Thanks

  9. Patrick M says:

    WHAT!??!? That’s a backdrop. And a terrible excuse for one at that. Grade: FAIL.

  10. I support Greg, here. If I saw Charles once a week, I would make a point to steal his hat and set it on fire… or perhaps destroy it in a more tasteful manner. Also- his bio on his company webpage reads like a children’s comic; it’s pathetic.

  11. Peter says:

    Sorry but I just had to add the fact that there is a 2nd commercial where he actually PUTS ON the hat on camera. How they thought of giving you this response blows my mind.

  12. I just love your commercial. When it first came on I guessed Mr. Binder was bald, but I loved the hat & thought Mr. Binder was very handsome. My husband wears hats & I would like to know where he got his hat. Please, please keep the commercials going. They are great!!!!!

  13. roje jackson says:

    I saw the hat. Made me look at this website to figure out why he is so crazy with the hat. If I wanted free money from the government, id probably call the guy in the hat. So I think the marketing works.

  14. bobert says:

    I see commercials for lawyers that have poorly animated rapping squirrels and you pick on the guy who does something so completely unremarkable as….*gasp!*…wear a hat.

    Am I missing something? Is this really worth discussing? Should Charles Binder really feel like such a doofus for something most people wouldn’t even think twice about?

  15. Greg Goodson says:

    Yeah, those commercials are awesome with the squirrels.

    No, you’re not missing anything. No, it’s not worth discussing. Yes, he should feel like a doofus.

  16. Alexander S says:

    Have you seen it yet?! New B&B commercial that shows him putting on the hat, and guess what, he IS bald, what a shocker.

  17. Ryan says:

    This is a surprising amount of chatter and discussion over a guy who simply wants to conceal the fact that he is bald.

  18. Galen says:

    The problem with the commercial is that he looks like an extreme idiot. And the commercials look like they are produced by 4th graders. A guy with a New York accent wearing a cowboy hat is NOT to be taken seriously. I cannot believe they would get even ONE client!!

    If you hire this guy as your attorney you should expect nothing less than incompetence. I could make a 1000X better commercial on my iphone.

    It’s a disgrace to our society and to the 21st century.

  19. Galen says:

    By the way, I would absolutely go to a lawyer who uses rapping squirrels. The difference is that is trying to be funny, whereas B&B is trying to be serious.

  20. Trey says:

    That response as to him wearing the hat in the cold…complete bull because he put the hat on during one of the commercials. I think he was going for “look im a cowboy and ill fight for you. My father is an Accountant and we live in NC in a small country town…he grew up in the city and is not even close to being country. And whenever he is talking on the phone or around someone who grew up out in the sticks he will wear his Justin Cowboy Boots and a “Binder and Binder” hat and if hes on the phone, he will all of a sudden come up with an accent…same principle, im guessing that Mr Binder was going for the “everyman” look lol

  21. Kristian Toimil says:

    No love for poor Charles Binder. I find no fault with his Cowboy hat. Mr. Binder is a huge fan of the Lone Ranger and thus the hat. I applaud a fellow who isn’t afraid of what others think of him. And I don’t think he cares (nor wants) a client who would not choose him because of his cowboy hat. And for anyone in advertising, I think they understand the good the hat does for him. People remember him. Can you remember any other attorneys you see on TV?

    Now Mr. Binder’s reputation as an attorney is undisputed. A graduate of Georgetown University, he is arguably the most successful Social Security Disabilities attorney out there. Sure he has had lawsuits filed against him; I don’t know a single attorney (and I know too many) who hasn’t been sued multiple times.

    Mr. Binder’s hat tells me that he is an easy going, approachable person who does think of himself as highly as other attorneys do. If you don’t want to hire him because of the hat, then go ahead and miss out on the opportunity of hiring the best there is!
    Now Mr. Binder’s reputation as an attorney is undisputed. A graduate of Georgetown University, he is arguably the most successful Social Security Disabilities attorney out there. Sure he has had lawsuits filed against him; I don’t know a single attorney (and I know too many) who hasn’t been sued multiple times.

    Mr. Binder’s hat tells

  22. Johnny says:

    Reputable attorneys endure through time and reputation, not bad commercialisation.

  23. Matthew says:

    I’m not sure if any of you have seen the Binder and Binder commercial that shows him at the end of the commercial, bald, and then he puts the hat on before delivering his, “We’ll deal with the government…” line. They go through the entire commercial and then he pops up at the end putting on his hat. It’s almost like this commercial was made to respond to the criticism. It’s saying, “I’m Charles Binder, I’m bald, I know it, and I’m OK with that…but I really like this hat, so I’m putting it on.”

    If this company had any sense at all, they’d capitalize on this as a marketing angle to create more name recognition. With all the complaints about their scams, maybe he should wear a ski mask for the next one…

  24. harvey bagger says:

    we’ll deal with the cowboy hat. you have enough to worry about.

  25. Frank C says:

    Could be worse. Check out one of our local bankruptcy lawyer’s commercial:

  26. colt says:

    I don’t have a problem with someone wearing a hat, but get one that matches you suit. Howabout a dark classy cowbow hat like clint black would wear?

  27. Sick of Liars says:

    Stupid Ass Hat theives… Check out complaints before doing business with these liars….

  28. Fitzy13 says:

    It says he wore it because it was cold but the NYC in the background is without a doubt a green screen. Was it cold in the studio where they filmed it?

  29. John says:

    It was a bullshit answer. He wears a hat because he’s trying to manipulate old folks who are sitting at home late mornings/early afternoons by harkening back to a day when the majority of men wore hats. It’s patronizing to old folks, just like the careful (and quite heavy-handed) wording of their commercials.

  30. Sick of B&B says:

    1st… all need to know Binder and Binder are NOT lawyers… I thought I was hiring a lawyer to handing my SS Disability care not some wanna be cowboy that thinks hes the 2nd coming of Christ. I have been lied to over and over and over by the office in California that is handing my case… I now have been waiting for over a week to talk with someone in the New York office to complain about the lies and the way my case is being handled and gee guess what… NO ONE IS CALLING ME!!!!!! They have had my case for 7 months going on 8 now and nothing has been accomplished. Binder and Binder cant even get my medical records. I made 2 phone calls in 45 minutes and was told the records will be coming to ME not Binder and Binder shortly… gee and I am not a well trainted Advocate!! A warrning to anyone thinking of hiring B&B… 1st they are NOT Lawyers… 2nd, they will try and drag out your claim as long as they can… the longer it takes to solve your care and get payment, the more they make. 3rd… they will out and out lie to you over and over about why it is taking so long, that its the doctors faults, as they are not answering their request for information, that the doctors lose signed request for medical records and they have all kinds of excuses as to why mail they do receive from your doctors requesting payment or signed forms, take so long to be received by you… again another ploy to make your case last longer. Hire a real lawyer not a wanna be…

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