It has been a while, hasn’t it?!

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Yeah… I haven’t posted here in a while. I am watching the Syracuse vs. Arizona St. game right now (March Madness is great) and I thought I’d type up a few words during a timeout.

Anyways, last time I posted looks like it was back in October. Since then, I’ve done a few cool things. I ran the Ouray Mtn. Trail Run in Colorado in mid October to cap off the running season. Since then, I’ve probably run a total of 7 different times… just been taking it easy and enjoying the snow rolling into Utah. I’ve been doing a lot of downhill skiing up until late January, when the great skier that I am, ran into a tree fracturing my collarbone. It’s healed by now, and I have been skiing a little more (just staying out of the trees!)

Some warm weather rolled in a few weeks ago and has been melting the snow quite a bit. It got up to 70 degrees yesterday, which warranted a hike/run to the top of Grandeur Peak. Despite not running a whole lot in the last 3 months, endurance doesn’t go anywhere. I am signed up to run thet Squaw Peak 50 in early June, so I got to get my run on eventually! We’re looking at close to a foot of snow this afternoon to tomorrow, and snow showers for this upcoming week. Guess the warm weather will have to wait.

I also got a road bike a few weeks ago – a Cannondale Six13. It’s pretty sweet… looking forward to getting some nice rides on it over the summer. Also been playing a lot of guitar with some other pickers here in Park City… I plan on hitting up some bluegrass festivals this summer.

That’s my last 4 months in a nutshell. Not very exciting, but as the warm weather rolls around and running/hiking season gets into full gear, I’ll be updating a little bit more. Chow!


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