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Well, I can’t tell you, but I will be able to in a few days. Straight from Where’s Karl headquarters!

AT Trail SignI am flying out of Salt Lake City this afternoon to meet up with Karl Meltzer on the AT.  Starting next Wednesday and lasting for a week, I’ll be his mobile aid station volunteer; feeding him, doing his laundry, taking care of the RV, and just general crewing for him will be my day to day tasks.

If you’ve haven’t been following this, let me fill you in very quickly. Karl Meltzer, reigning from Sandy, Utah, is a very experienced ultra-runner who is being sponsored by my company, Backcountry.com, to try and break the Appalachian Trail speed record. He set off from Baxter State Park in Maine on August 5th, and has been at it ever since.  He had a few days off after a bad case of tendonitis caused by a change in stride from a case of trench foot due to the torrential rain he had to face, but he has been making some good progress in the last week, logging in 50+ miles each day the last two days.

About 7-8 folks from Backcountry.com will be helping him in week segments, and its my turn to fly out there, and give him what he needs to make it to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the AT. I’ve crewed some folks in the past on 100 mile footraces, and paced a good friend of mine at Umstead 100 in April, so I think I’ll do a good job in keeping Karl’s mood up. I’ll be travelling with Karl in PA, and MD most likely, but it’s always hard to predict where exactly he’ll be, hence the site www.WheresKarl.com, dedicated to you following his progress.

I’ll be constantly updating the Where’s Karl blog while I am out with him on the road and trail, so check in there to see what I am up to, and more importantly how he is doing. All very exciting! See you on the AT!

Where’s Karl?



  1. Michael Watson says:

    Rock on Greg!
    Have fun out there. I hope you and Karl are staying safe and having a blast.
    – M. Watson

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