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It has been a while since I have updated. I apologize! What has it been… over 2 weeks? 3 weeks? Anyways…

Not a whole heck of a lot to report, despite keeping busy all the time. My focus right now and the last 3 weeks has been on my running and training. I feel like I have been putting in some good miles the last 3 weeks. I’ve been putting in a lot of days where I run in the morning and then again in the afternoon. I feel like it is more manageable for me. This past weekend I actually ran 4 times, which is something I have never done in a weekend. I ran 9 miles on the Wasatch 100 trail around 8K feet elevation on Saturday morning close to the Mountain Dell resevoir and a quick 6 around my apartment at night. Sunday morning I climbed up the Canyons as far as I could from my apartment before the snow covering the trails turned me around at 9100 feet elevation and tapped off the weekend with another 7 on some great trails in The Canyons.

The weekend before I ran a good 19 miler on the Wasatch 100 mile course, again close to the Mountain Dell Rec. Area. I started around noon (hey, I like to sleep in from time to time, so sue me!) and ended the run around 4:00pm. It was to be a simple out and back from a small Jeremy Ranch parking lot. Carrying about 55 ounces of water, off I went up the Moose Hollow trail on what was supposed to be a 15 mile run. 15 miles may sound a lot, but I have but up endurance to where a 15 mile run on the soft trails sprinkled around the Park City area is a very manageable run as long as I keep my eye on fuel and hydration. I had intended to finish the run in about 3 hours (which would include breaks to catch numerous glimpses of the Wasatch Range to the south from time to time), putting me at just above a 10 minute pace.

I headed up and away on Moose Hollow trail. The sun was beating down on the exposed single track, which made me regret not putting on any sunscreen. It got up to about 75 degrees, which isn’t too hot in comparison to Atlanta, but because it was the first “warm” day of the year, it made me a little weary. I got to the halfway point, Bald Mountain at about 7900 feet, around 1:40pm. Because my car was parked at 6200 feet, I expected the return trip to be much quicker. Boy I was wrong!

Everything was going quite well until about 3 miles from my car parked down in Jeremy Ranch. I had my 3rd moose encounter, and this one was a good one (well, good depending on how you look at it). Maybe I should say it was eventful. I was rockin’ the downhill as I love to do, probably turning in 7:30 to 8:00 minute miles at this point, and concentrating on my footing, trying not to trip over the rocks and roots that littler this particualr portion of the trail. I picked up my head to visualize my next few steps, and my eye caught a glimse of a few large brown blobs in the trail. My heart stopped, followed by my feet.

About 30 – 40 yards in front of me were several moose. Both keeping me within their sites, both still as a rock. Yikes!

I stood on the trail and kept them in my sight but tried not to make eye contact. After I realized I had sunglasses on, I realized that they probably thought I was looknig right at them. Whatever the case may be, clapping my hands together did not seem to bother the moose. In fact, they seemed interested. They took several steps towards me. Now, let me tell you, I have probably had at least 8-10 bear encounters in the last year or so, all of which came from running in the Appalachian foothills when I lived in Atlanta. The black bears I would run into were generally skiddish. I know how to react to a black bear and a grizzly bear if the situation may arise, but moose? I know they can attack, and I know they are bigger than me.

After the moose seemed interested in me, I calmly walked backwards until I was out of their view. Once about 75 yards away and out of their view, I turned around, and found a dirt road down towards the interstate. Once there it was another 4 miles around I-80 back to my car, adding on an additional hour and 4 miles to my run. I guess that’s why I always pack an extra GU 🙂

I know the moose, mooses, and meeses in Utah aren’t as large as moose elsewhere, but check out the video below. It’s the reason why I am a tad spooked of running into moose. I’d honestly rather run into bears… seriously.



  1. Nannie says:

    Don’t like to hear about those moose!!!More prayers needed to keep you safe…
    Love You

  2. You ran into bears in Georgia? Even though I know they are there, I never considered that possibility seriously.

    Until I got to California. I’ve already had two here.

    Mooses/Meese are HUGE!

    (just catching up on my reading).

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