Packing and preparing

April 16th, 2008 by Greg Goodson Leave a reply »
  • SumoMe

What the title says… the movers came today to pick up my bed and lazy boy along with a few boxes so I am sitting here typing in an empty room minus myself, my makeshift bed, and my computer. My car is actually packing for the most part, I just need to add in a few other things and then I’ll be all set.

Putting a whole new playlist on my iPod for the trip out, which includes the new Yonder Mountain String Band “Mountain Tracks: Volume 5” which was just released yesterday. If you still haven’t heard any YMSB, get with the program! 🙂 My iPod is going to be packed with lots and lots of bluegrass, some country, and a few other genres here and there. Should be plenty to get from here to Utah.

Speaking of which, the final itinerary will be posted here as far as where we will be going, when we will arrive, etc. Definitely going through Houston to see a friend (which is out of the way, but worth the time). After that probably go through TX, OK, KS, CO, and finally UT. You better believe the flip video is going with me, as well as my digital camera. More details to follow, but I am pretty tired for now. Final update to come tomorrow, but for now, watch a YMSB video if you have no idea who they are.



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