Greetings from Utah

April 27th, 2008 by Greg Goodson Leave a reply »
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Greetings from Utah! I know you’d probably be expecting more in my first post now that I have found an apartment and started to “settle” in, but I am far from comfortable (all my stuff is still in boxes, and my Rav4 won’t be here for another month!). On the same token, I am very comfortable – found a great apartment literally a walk from the Park City resort chairlifts. Some of the narliest single track trails in my backyard for the summer, and some of the best snow in my backyard for the winter. My new address is:

1013 Empire Avenue
Park City, Utah 84098

The cross-country road trip was unbelievable. I have many pictures and videos I plan on sharing, but I have a limited internet connection for the time being. Once I get settled in for real, I’ll have a nice interactive slide show/video presentation of the sights and sounds of travelling across country.

Until then, out for another run! And oh yeah, running in the mountains around here takes your breath away (literally!)




  1. Jon says:

    Rock on my brotha!!! Enjoy the altitude~

  2. David Ray says:

    Good to hear you made it safely. New place sounds great. Looking forward to vicarious Utah thrills.

  3. Nannie says:

    Happy that you are almost settled in…..will anxiously await the slide show.

  4. gnarly single track in the summer, perfect snow in the winter…sounds like you’re living the life!

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