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Ok, so I haven’t updated in a while, but a lot has been going on. Also, this is going to be the first post which includes videos from my flipvideo, so please bear with me while you watch movies that include shots of the ground, very shaky hands, and my poor narration skills 😉

It was this time last week I was in the great of Utah – the “Beehive State”. Not quite sure why they call it that. It was a nice sight seeing snow on the ground unlike Atlanta, where if it snows an inch, it sticks for about an hour if you are lucky before it melts.

I left early Saturday morning, taking off from Atlanta around 7:45am or so:

Stopped in Phoenix for a layover and headed north to Salt Lake City. I have flown into SLC before, but this particular time the ride was very bumpy. Felt sick for an hour or so after the flight, but my luggage was probably the first piece of the plane – I always get lucky with that. Grabbed a rental car and headed towards the mountains!Utah is a really cool place, particularly Park City. You are always at elevation, the people here are unusually friendly, and the lifestyle seems more relaxed. According to wikipedia, 2/3rds of the land is owned by the National Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. You compare that to New Jersey where I grew up or even Georgia, and you can really consider Utah a frontier. I enjoyed some of this land early Sunday morning with a quick run up Grandeur Peak, accessible by trails in Millcreek Canyon. The trail was steep, and was covered in packed snow, with a fresh 4 inches from the night before. Along the way I did run into a herd of elk and a lot of different kind of birds – unfortunately, my level of ornithology only includes states east of the Mississippi 🙂 I did take my new flipvideo along for the ride:

I had the luxury of driving around the snowy roads with a Dodge Avenger – a car with a nice feel, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for you on snow and ice. I didn’t use it all that much, but it was fine for what I needed it for. Before returning to Park City, I took a quick drive through a small down west of my accommodations for the weekend called Kamas:

Small town – but it was neat in its own special way. Looking at farms that included acres and acres of land with the mountains the background did something for me. It was a beautiful landscape, and I bet it is even prettier during the summer (of course that’s a matter of my own opinion!). I enjoyed a late flight back Monday, only to land after midnight. Hit the hay around 2:00am or so 🙂 A great weekend!

Other than that, got in several runs this week, a 7 mile night run up at Kennesaw on Tuesday, a run here and there on Wednesday and Thursday, and a great run yesterday with some new shoes that I purchased from the Big Peach Running Company. I got a pair of Asics GT-2120s, some road shoes! While I prefer trails and have more trail shoes than road shoes, my Brooks Adrenalines had a few miles on them and it was time to try something new. Took them for a test drive yesterday from my apartment for an out and back, turning around at the start of the Silver Comet Trail – a rails-to-trails path that runs from Atlanta all the way into Alabama. Had to bundle up a little bit – it was a cool 32 F by the time I finished the 11 miles.Thanks for reading!


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  1. Nannie says:

    Enjoyed the update on your trip to Utah…. How did the interview go?
    Spent the day yesterday aboard a 40 foot sailboat at Port Annapolis. The skpper was very patient with us novices and I did lean quite abit. (See, old dogs can learn new tricks) Getting ready for the start of sailing season. Unfortunately, it was very,very cold on the boat….. I guess I’m really a fair weather sailor….
    I check your blog at least once a week…
    Love You

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