Oak Mountain Weekend

March 23rd, 2008 by Greg Goodson Leave a reply »
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I took an ETO day from work (leftover from 2007) and made the drive out to Pelham, AL to help out at the 9th annual Oak Mountain 50K. After a round of golf (which I played very well – even par through the first 6 holes… shot in the 80s) and a night in the campground, I showed up to the start of the race under a pavilion near the trailhead to check runners in.

There were a total of 127 runners registered, and maybe about 115 or so started. It was a comfortable 50 degrees at the start, and the temperatures got into the 70s by mid day. I don’t think there was one cloud in the sky. Being that this was one of the warmest days to date this year, there were a lot of runners finishing with salt on their face, and some runners dehydrated.

I don’t have the official results, but I do know that DeWayne Satterfield took 1st around 4:40 or so and Alan Abbs all the way from Red Bluff, CA home visiting took a close 2nd. Ragan Petrie took first for the ladies around 5:30 followed by Sally Brooking.

The Parkers and the rest of the volunteers should pat themselves on the back for a race well directed!

I did bring my flip video camera along for the ride and posted several videos on YouTube:

Start of the race:

Peavine Falls aid station:


Helping out at these kind of races always get me excited about running in general… I think I go out and get in an easter 12 miler 🙂




  1. Hey Greg,

    Thanks for helping out this weekend!

    I enjoyed the YouTube videos.


  2. Greg Goodson says:

    No problem Dave – glad to hear you had a good time!

  3. Your Sister says:

    greg- you’re a dork and i am happy about that fact b/c it makes me fell a little better- b/c i’m a bigger dork but at least i know it runs in the family

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