A day in the mountains

March 19th, 2008 by Greg Goodson Leave a reply »
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Some nasty storms as you may know ripped through Atlanta this past weekend, tearing up the downtown area. Georgia State, Phillips Arena, and the CNN Center were all hit pretty good, followed by an aftermath storm the next day during the early afternoon.

From my point of view, however, it was a great weekend. By the time the skies of Atlanta were getting dark, I was on my way up to the North Georgia mountains with a buddy of mine and my fraternity’s dog, Shiner. We only got about 15 minutes of rain the entire drive up, and the night was cool and windy, with gusts easily up to 40 mph.

The night was spent trying to remain comfortable (I was sweating like a dog inside my 20 degree grade sleeping bag despite a cool 35 degrees outside). I woke up several times, once to see Shiner trying to keep warm so I gave him an extra blanket which seemed to do the trick.

The next day brought a cool morning, followed by a warm afternoon. The day consisted of throwing the ball for Shiner, exploring the local trails (this particular field was about 6 miles north of Springer Mountain on the AT, between Stover Creek and Hawk Mountain shelters), sitting in the hammock, picking (our guitar/banjo), etc. Ultimate relaxation:

We finally left around 4:00pm or so, stopped for gas and a DQ stop, and were back in Atlanta at 6:00pm. A great spot for a weekend getaway. In order to get there, you have to take 3 forest roads, probably 15 miles worth. An SUV or 4 wheel drive vehicle is preferred, but not incredibly necessary. All you have to do is take forest roads 77, 58, and finally 251 – the field is on your left right before you cross the AT. We found out about this place about 5 weekends back when we ran a 15 mile out and back from the Springer Mountain parking lot. Here is what a lot of the forest roads look like in case you were wondering 🙂 :

That’s about it from me – oh yeah, one more thing. After seeing Yonder Mountain String Band a month ago, I have dusted off my guitar and started playing a lot more, especially learning how to flatpick better. I am going to start a new tab section that will include solos and licks from YMSB, along with accompanied videos for your pleasure. I’ve tabbed out a few solos, might as well share, right?


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