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Oak Mountain Weekend

March 23rd, 2008

I took an ETO day from work (leftover from 2007) and made the drive out to Pelham, AL to help out at the 9th annual Oak Mountain 50K. After a round of golf (which I played very well – even par through the first 6 holes… shot in the 80s) and a night in the campground, I showed up to the start of the race under a pavilion near the trailhead to check runners in.

There were a total of 127 runners registered, and maybe about 115 or so started. It was a comfortable 50 degrees at the start, and the temperatures got into the 70s by mid day. I don’t think there was one cloud in the sky. Being that this was one of the warmest days to date this year, there were a lot of runners finishing with salt on their face, and some runners dehydrated.

I don’t have the official results, but I do know that DeWayne Satterfield took 1st around 4:40 or so and Alan Abbs all the way from Red Bluff, CA home visiting took a close 2nd. Ragan Petrie took first for the ladies around 5:30 followed by Sally Brooking.

The Parkers and the rest of the volunteers should pat themselves on the back for a race well directed!

I did bring my flip video camera along for the ride and posted several videos on YouTube:

Start of the race:

Peavine Falls aid station:


Helping out at these kind of races always get me excited about running in general… I think I go out and get in an easter 12 miler 🙂


Yonder Mountain String Band – Idaho Tab

March 20th, 2008

I am going to begin keeping some of my very own tabbed out songs on the blog. All of the tabs will be bluegrass related (most of which will probably be Yonder Mountain String Band… surprise!). If you have any questions regarding the tabs or any corrections, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will accompany these tabs with my homemade videos from YouTube 🙂

First up… never before available on the internet – the guitar solo from “Idaho” off of YMSB’s album “Town by Town”

Yonder Mountain String Band – Idaho Guitar Tab Solo
Tabbed by: Greg Goodson @

Standard Tuning

Here is the guitar solo for YMSB’s song “Idaho”. I am sure that this solo is improvised a lot when played live as well – this is only for the studio album solo. If you would like to improvise, the backing chords are Em-C-D – the solo is played all in Em.






Hope it helped!

Running the next two weekends

March 19th, 2008

And oh yeah – I signed up for the ING Georgia Marathon today. I don’t plan on racing it so-to-speak, but I have a good corral placement with my 3:08 at Snickers Marathon from last year. I’ll run somewhere between a 3:20 and a 3:30… kind of keep the legs in check as I haven’t raced since Mountain Mist 2 months ago. It should be a blast – I have run 25 marathons/ultra-marathons or so and never have I ever run in one with this many people!

Not to mention at mile 11 of the half marathon and mile 24 of the marathon, it will run right next to my fraternity’s house, where I lived for 3 years during college. That should be hella-exciting (maybe stop for a quick beer :))

I will be at Oak Mountain 50K in Alabama this weekend volunteering however, giving a hand where need be.

I’ll see you there!

A day in the mountains

March 19th, 2008

Some nasty storms as you may know ripped through Atlanta this past weekend, tearing up the downtown area. Georgia State, Phillips Arena, and the CNN Center were all hit pretty good, followed by an aftermath storm the next day during the early afternoon.

From my point of view, however, it was a great weekend. By the time the skies of Atlanta were getting dark, I was on my way up to the North Georgia mountains with a buddy of mine and my fraternity’s dog, Shiner. We only got about 15 minutes of rain the entire drive up, and the night was cool and windy, with gusts easily up to 40 mph.

The night was spent trying to remain comfortable (I was sweating like a dog inside my 20 degree grade sleeping bag despite a cool 35 degrees outside). I woke up several times, once to see Shiner trying to keep warm so I gave him an extra blanket which seemed to do the trick.

The next day brought a cool morning, followed by a warm afternoon. The day consisted of throwing the ball for Shiner, exploring the local trails (this particular field was about 6 miles north of Springer Mountain on the AT, between Stover Creek and Hawk Mountain shelters), sitting in the hammock, picking (our guitar/banjo), etc. Ultimate relaxation:

We finally left around 4:00pm or so, stopped for gas and a DQ stop, and were back in Atlanta at 6:00pm. A great spot for a weekend getaway. In order to get there, you have to take 3 forest roads, probably 15 miles worth. An SUV or 4 wheel drive vehicle is preferred, but not incredibly necessary. All you have to do is take forest roads 77, 58, and finally 251 – the field is on your left right before you cross the AT. We found out about this place about 5 weekends back when we ran a 15 mile out and back from the Springer Mountain parking lot. Here is what a lot of the forest roads look like in case you were wondering 🙂 :

That’s about it from me – oh yeah, one more thing. After seeing Yonder Mountain String Band a month ago, I have dusted off my guitar and started playing a lot more, especially learning how to flatpick better. I am going to start a new tab section that will include solos and licks from YMSB, along with accompanied videos for your pleasure. I’ve tabbed out a few solos, might as well share, right?

My trip to Utah

March 9th, 2008

Ok, so I haven’t updated in a while, but a lot has been going on. Also, this is going to be the first post which includes videos from my flipvideo, so please bear with me while you watch movies that include shots of the ground, very shaky hands, and my poor narration skills 😉

It was this time last week I was in the great of Utah – the “Beehive State”. Not quite sure why they call it that. It was a nice sight seeing snow on the ground unlike Atlanta, where if it snows an inch, it sticks for about an hour if you are lucky before it melts.

I left early Saturday morning, taking off from Atlanta around 7:45am or so:

Stopped in Phoenix for a layover and headed north to Salt Lake City. I have flown into SLC before, but this particular time the ride was very bumpy. Felt sick for an hour or so after the flight, but my luggage was probably the first piece of the plane – I always get lucky with that. Grabbed a rental car and headed towards the mountains!Utah is a really cool place, particularly Park City. You are always at elevation, the people here are unusually friendly, and the lifestyle seems more relaxed. According to wikipedia, 2/3rds of the land is owned by the National Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. You compare that to New Jersey where I grew up or even Georgia, and you can really consider Utah a frontier. I enjoyed some of this land early Sunday morning with a quick run up Grandeur Peak, accessible by trails in Millcreek Canyon. The trail was steep, and was covered in packed snow, with a fresh 4 inches from the night before. Along the way I did run into a herd of elk and a lot of different kind of birds – unfortunately, my level of ornithology only includes states east of the Mississippi 🙂 I did take my new flipvideo along for the ride:

I had the luxury of driving around the snowy roads with a Dodge Avenger – a car with a nice feel, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for you on snow and ice. I didn’t use it all that much, but it was fine for what I needed it for. Before returning to Park City, I took a quick drive through a small down west of my accommodations for the weekend called Kamas:

Small town – but it was neat in its own special way. Looking at farms that included acres and acres of land with the mountains the background did something for me. It was a beautiful landscape, and I bet it is even prettier during the summer (of course that’s a matter of my own opinion!). I enjoyed a late flight back Monday, only to land after midnight. Hit the hay around 2:00am or so 🙂 A great weekend!

Other than that, got in several runs this week, a 7 mile night run up at Kennesaw on Tuesday, a run here and there on Wednesday and Thursday, and a great run yesterday with some new shoes that I purchased from the Big Peach Running Company. I got a pair of Asics GT-2120s, some road shoes! While I prefer trails and have more trail shoes than road shoes, my Brooks Adrenalines had a few miles on them and it was time to try something new. Took them for a test drive yesterday from my apartment for an out and back, turning around at the start of the Silver Comet Trail – a rails-to-trails path that runs from Atlanta all the way into Alabama. Had to bundle up a little bit – it was a cool 32 F by the time I finished the 11 miles.Thanks for reading!