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This is in the ‘About Me’ section as well but I thought I would add it here:

My name Greg Goodson. I live in Atlanta, GA having graduated from Georgia Tech in December 2006 with a degree in Management – certificates in Marketing and Operations Management. Currently work at a company called 360i – a digital online agency with a strong emphasis in search engine marketing (PPC, SEO, etc.).

When I am not working, I keep up with many different hobbies. My first hobby is running; I have over 20 ultra-marathons (any footrace that is over 26.2 miles marathon distance – usually 50K, 50M, 100K, and 100M runs) under my belt, as well as 6 marathons (3:08 personal best), and numerous shorter races.

I consider myself an outdoorsy kinda guy – hiking, backpacking, trail-running, camping, etc. All of my vacation days in 2007 were used to visit locations in Virginia, NC, TN, and WV and run races or backpacking- as well as a 10 day trip out to Montana’s Glacier National Park in August/September.

If not outside doing something, which I usually am, I am inside, browsing the internet, either networking in some fashion, or trying find opportunities to work for myself. I did a good amount of PPC affiliate marketing in 2007 with some good success. Buying and selling domain names has become of popular interest to me recently, so many of my affiliate programs have been placed to the side for the time being. Hence where this blog came from (I bought GregGoodson.com and GregoryGoodson.com last weekend and figured I’d develop it).

While I have never blogged before, I plan on using this blog to not only share pictures, videos, and my latest adventures with family and friends, I also plan to use this tool for networking. I do plan on buying a Flip Video and begin “vlogging” (video blogs), but first I need to buy one!


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